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2016 Conference Presentations


Repurposed MATERIALS, Damon Carson

Green Means Business, Jean Ponzi


W.A.I.V. - A Completely New Leachate Evaporative System, Brad Granley, P.E., Leachate Management Specialists

Phyto-Utilization - An Onsite Leachate Disposal Method, Brad Granley, P.E., Leachate Management Specialists

Progressive Projects at the Columbia Bioreactor LF Site, Brian C. Weis, P.E., Burns & McDonnell Engineering Co., Cynthia Mitchell, City of Columbia

History of NABORS Landfill in North Central Arkansas, Floyd Cotter, P.E., SCS Engineers

Post Closure Release Criteria for Missouri, Thomas R. Gredell, P.E., Gredell Engineering Resources, Inc.

After Post-Closure Care - What Happens Next?, Anastasia Welch, P.E., SCS Engineers

Accelerating Data Collection with Unmanned Aircraft Systems (aka drones) at Landfills, Terry Pallotto, P.E. Tukuh Technologies, LLC, and Kyle Kukuk, P.E., Blackstone Environmental, Inc.

What Do the Numbers Tell You?, Nathan Hamm, P.E., SCS Engineers

Recycle More: How to start a new habit, Lisa McDaniel, Mid-America Regional Council

Lunchroom Composting in K-12 Schools, Gary Kannenberg, The Tellus Group and Project Central; Shari Wilson

Soil Management for Landfills - A Balancing Act, Doug Doerr, P.E., SCS Engineers

Landfills, XXX Rated!, Jeremias Szust, Trinity Consultants

Major Aspects of Solid Waste Rule Discussion, Scott Waltrip, P.E., MDNR Solid Waste Management Program


Site Characterization for Site Remediation, Derek Ingram, P.E., R.G., XDD Environmental

Aquifer Testing - Take or No Take?, Mikel C. Carlson. R.G. and Ken Ewers, Gredell Engineering Resources, Inc.; Shane Rader, P.E., Palmerton & Parrish, Inc.

EHS Enforcement & Crimes - New Initiatives by EPA & DOJ, Andrew C. Brought, J.D., Spencer Fane LLP

Wastewater and Pretreatment Enforcement, Robert J. Lambrechts, J.D., Lathrop & Gage LLP

Real Updates to RCRA, Angie Martin, P.E., CHMM, Heritage Environmental Services

RCRA Generator Federal Regulation Improvement Rule, Edwin G. Buckner, P.E., U.S. EPA Region 7

Life Cycle of a Performance Based Contract, Noel Shenoi, CalClean, Inc.

Guaranteed Site Remediation Successes, Nick Athens, EcoVac Services


What is a Brownfield? How Can We Help?, Catherine Jones and Bobbie Pennington, MDNR Brownfields/Voluntary Cleanup Program, Kathy O'Donnell, Mo-Kan Regional Council

I Have a Brownfield - What Should I Do?, Mike Washburn, Christine O'Keefe, MDNR Brownfields/Voluntary Cleanup Program, Kenneth Kunze, Moniteau Co. Presiding Commissioner

• Brownfields Cleanup and Assistance, Desiree Pigford and Brian McCurren, P.E., MDNR Brownfields/Voluntary Cleanup Program; Kristin Allan Tipton, EIERA; Kate Fjell, City of Boonville

• Brownfield Resources, Blase A. Leven, L.G., Technical Assistance to Brownfields Program, James Combs, USDA Rural Development, and Andy Papen, Community Development Block Grants

• A User Friendly BVCP, Wes March, Christine O'Keefe and Brian MCurren, P.E., MDNR Brownfields/Voluntary Cleanup Program

The Road Ahead: Redeveloping the Ford St. Louis Assembly Plant Site for the 21st Century, Chris Cady, Ph.D., MDNR Brownfields/Voluntary Cleanup Program; Scott Andrews, Essential Management Solutions, LLC; Patrick King, R.G., LPG, ATC Group Services LLC

Overview of Long Term Stewardship and Update to the Online Map, Don Cripe, MDNR Brownfields/Voluntary Cleanup Program


Energy Waste Management: A Forward Thinking Philosophy, Don Grahlherr, P.E. Tetra Tech, Inc.

The Relationship Between Water and the CCR Rule, Teresa L. Entwistle, P.E., CFM, AECOM

CCR Groundwater Monitoring Systems, J. Ronald Sides, Ph.D., R.G. PSC Industrial Outsourcing, LP

Legal Issues Associated with CCR Rule, James T. Price, J.D., Spencer Fane LLP

CCR: Geophysical Techniques to Certify Utility Waste Landfill Stbility and Site Groundwater Monitoring Wells in Karst, Gary J. Pendergras, P.E., R.G., GeoEngineers, Inc.


Imperfect Datasets and Plume Stability Analysis, David Powell, Sunbelt Environmental Services, Inc.

The Transport of MTBE through Groundwater in the Bootheel, an Alluvial Setting, John Pate, Missouri Geological Survey

Comments on Draft LNAPL Guidance for Tanks Staff, Steve Lang, P.E. and Laura Luther, Missouri Department of Natural Resources

What a Good LCSM Looks Like, Steve Lang, P.E. and Laura Luther, Missouri Department of Natural Resources

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