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The Missouri Waste Control Coalition offers college/university scholarships each year.  The funds are provided to the schools which in turn select the students. Students should contact the Environmental Engineering Department at the Missouri Institute of Science and Technology,Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

The Coalition is pleased to announce that following winners of the scholarships for 2019:

Kaleb Bauer - Lincoln University
Antione Brown - Lincoln University
Vito Palmietoo - Missouri State University
Abdullah Ahmad - Missouri State University
Shelby Williams - Missouri University of Science & Technology
Amanda Rodell - Missouri University of Science & Technology
Shreya Suri - University of Missouri-Kansas City
Foram Desal - University of Missouri-Kansas City
Mikaela O'Barr - University of Missouri-Columbia
Alyson Jones - University of Missouri-Columbia

  The following students have been recipients in the past:

Morgan Neal - Missouri State University
Drew Edinger - Missouri State University
Judd Cody Garner - Lincoln University
Sarah Gardner - Lincoln University
Shelby Sample - University of Missouri-Columbia
Alicia Buster - University of Missouri-Columbia
Maan Mahroos - Missouri University of Science & Technology
Rebecca Johnson - Missouri University of Science & Technology
Morgan Hartwig - University of Missouri-Kansas City

Jordan Bryson - University of Missouri-Kansas City

Emily Brengarth, University of Missouri-Columbia
Andrew Hoffman, University of Missouri-Columbia
Tia Clemens, Missouri State University
Talia Klein, Missouri State University
Jillian Hunt, Missouri University of Science & Technology
Rahel Pommerenke, University of Science & Technology
Nathan Groh, University of Missouri-Kansas City
Katherine Schneider, University of Missouri-Kansas City

Rebecca Wright - University of Missouri-Kansas City
Sara Lamprise - University of Missouri-Kansas City
Shelbi Swacker - University of Missouri-Columbia
Taylor Grabner - University of Missouri-Columbia
Hanna McLemore - Missouri State University
Michael Woods - Missouri State University

Madison Gibler - Missouri University of Science & Technology
Jessica Hirch - University of Missouri-Kansas City
Daniel Richardson - Missouri University of Science & Technology
Courtney Stallman - University of Missouri-Kansas City

Jennifer Witt - Missouri State University
Kasim J. Hardaway - University of Missouri-Kansas City
Elise Kitrell - Missouri University of Science & Technology
Kristen Powers - University of Missouri - Columbia

Alexandrea Armfield - UMKC
Corey Brenan - MS&T

Danielle Schreck - UMKC
Lucy Wright - MS&T

William Froeschner - MU
Tyler McKee - MU
Eric Farrow - MS&T
Monica Levan - MS&T

William Froeschner - MU
Samantha Markus - MS&T

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