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The Missouri Waste Control Coalition offers college/university scholarships each year.  The funds are provided to the schools which in turn select the students. Students should contact the Fine Arts Department at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, the Environmental Engineering Department at the Missouri Institute of Science and Technology,Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

The Coalition is pleased to announce that following winners of the scholarships for 2019:

Kaleb Bauer - Lincoln University
Antione Brown - Lincoln University
Vito Palmietoo - Missouri State University
Abdullah Ahmad - Missouri State University
Shelby Williams - Missouri University of Science & Technology
Amanda Rodell - Missouri University of Science & Technology
Shreya Suri - University of Missouri-Kansas City
Foram Desal - University of Missouri-Kansas City
Mikaela O'Barr - University of Missouri-Columbia
Alyson Jones - University of Missouri-Columbia

  The following students have been recipients in the past:

Morgan Neal - Missouri State University
Drew Edinger - Missouri State University
Judd Cody Garner - Lincoln University
Sarah Gardner - Lincoln University
Shelby Sample - University of Missouri-Columbia
Alicia Buster - University of Missouri-Columbia
Maan Mahroos - Missouri University of Science & Technology
Rebecca Johnson - Missouri University of Science & Technology
Morgan Hartwig - University of Missouri-Kansas City

Jordan Bryson - University of Missouri-Kansas City

Emily Brengarth, University of Missouri-Columbia
Andrew Hoffman, University of Missouri-Columbia
Tia Clemens, Missouri State University
Talia Klein, Missouri State University
Jillian Hunt, Missouri University of Science & Technology
Rahel Pommerenke, University of Science & Technology
Nathan Groh, University of Missouri-Kansas City
Katherine Schneider, University of Missouri-Kansas City

Rebecca Wright - University of Missouri-Kansas City
Sara Lamprise - University of Missouri-Kansas City
Shelbi Swacker - University of Missouri-Columbia
Taylor Grabner - University of Missouri-Columbia
Hanna McLemore - Missouri State University
Michael Woods - Missouri State University

Madison Gibler - Missouri University of Science & Technology
Jessica Hirch - University of Missouri-Kansas City
Daniel Richardson - Missouri University of Science & Technology
Courtney Stallman - University of Missouri-Kansas City

Jennifer Witt - Missouri State University
Kasim J. Hardaway - University of Missouri-Kansas City
Elise Kitrell - Missouri University of Science & Technology
Kristen Powers - University of Missouri - Columbia

Alexandrea Armfield - UMKC
Corey Brenan - MS&T

Danielle Schreck - UMKC
Lucy Wright - MS&T

William Froeschner - MU
Tyler McKee - MU
Eric Farrow - MS&T
Monica Levan - MS&T

William Froeschner - MU
Samantha Markus - MS&T

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