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Congratulations to the 2017
Outstanding Achievement
Award Recipients 

Continental Cement Company/Green America Recycling - Environmental Excellence

Continental Cement and Green America Recycling have a long history of community outreach and promoting employee engagement.

Land Stewardship Activities:  As a Wildlife Habitat Council Conservation Certified site, in 2016 Continental Cement identified 11 plots of land on the 3500 acre property that could be improved for wildlife enhancement.  Site employees participate in wildlife management as a result of the site’s Wildlife Habitat Council Conservation site certification. In 2016 11 plots of land were identified on the 3500 acre property that could be managed in a way to better benefit wildlife inhabiting the areas. Working in collaboration with the Missouri Department of Conservation Continental Cement Hannibal was able to develop a Forest Stewardship Plan which maps out 1,032 acres of land that will benefit from additional invasive species mitigation. 

Outreach Activities:
In 2016 Continental Cement Company hosted over 300 visitors on site. These visitors included students’ grades k-college as well as local historical societies, clubs and organizations. While on site, these visitors learned about the cement making processes such as the chemistry, raw materials, and environmental benefits of supplemental waste fuel use.  A-1 quarry is a previously mined limestone quarry that is used as an outside classroom for geology and rock formation education. While in the quarry, students are encouraged to dig for fossils left from the Mississippian period; at which time the earth was covered in water. Students have found fossils of crinoids, horned corals and even star fish in the quarry.

Mike Duvall - Lifetime Achievement

Mike Duvall’s career in the waste management field in Missouri has spanned 5 decades. He began his career working for MoDNR first in Macon and then in St. Louis in the 1970s and 80s. His expertise included solid waste, hazardous waste and air. His time with MoDNR ended as the Director of the St. Louis Regional Office in 1985. 

Mike has worked in the EHS profession his entire career starting as a field enforcement regulator/regional administrator with MoDNR in the late 1970s/mid 1980s. He returned to government at the local level serving as first director of the newly constituted Division of Environmental Services for St. Charles County and also was appointed chair of the St. Louis Jefferson SWMD and state-wide SWAB during the late 1990s through late 2000 era.

Mike has worked in the private sector in the capacities of District Manager, General Manager and Environmental Manager for Waste Management, Clean Harbors and Heritage Environmental Services. He is currently Business Development Manager for the Kiesel Company.

He is certified as a Master Level Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM) since 1993. He is a past president of MWCC and board member of Air & Waste Management Association - Greater STL Section, a well as the Gateway Society of Hazardous Materials Managers Board of Directors.

A highlight of his MWCC board career was in 1990-91 when as President of MWCC, the annual conference set the all-time record for attendance (600+) and was highlighted by arguably the most famous keynote speaker of all time - Bill Ruckleshaus, the first director of the USEPA and Chairman/CFO of BFI at the time.

Mike is truly a living (and still working) legend in waste management. His heart remains with the MWCC, an organization that he helped grow!   

Larry "Boot" Pierce - Jan Dillow Coalition Contribution

Boot served as President of the Missouri Waste Control Coalition in 2013-2014 and was the Conference Chair in 2012.  He has long been involved with the Coalition and environmental activities and demonstrated a high interest in education which was also evident in his other activities.  He expanded MoDNR’s participation in the conference and MWCC through the Missouri Geological Survey. He is an adjunct instructor at East Central College and owner of Rainwater Fly Fishing, LLC which provides instructional classes.

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