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Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp. - Environmental Excellence

Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp. USA is located in the Northwest corner of the state in Maryville Mo. They currently employ about 818 full-time employees and have around 909,000 square foot under roof. We cast aluminum parts, machine steel and aluminum parts and assemble lawn and garden engines. We are also ISO 9001 and 14001 certified.

As you can tell from the nature of their business they also generate a lot of trash. With being so large they  wanted to low
er their overall environmental foot print. They have made substantial progress over the last few years. The last 2 years have been long, green strides:

2014 Environmental Goal: Reduce their Industrial landfill footprint tonnage by 20%. They reduced it by 40%, a reduction of over 120 tons.

 2015 Environmental Goals: 78% of their waste to be recycled, reclaimed or reused. (they were at 75% in 2014) They kept 80.7 % from the landfill. That was 121 tons recycled to 19 tons going to the landfill. They kept 80% of the debris from the new building construction out of the landfill by recycling the materials. They kept 95% from the landfill, that’s over 271 cubic yards kept from the landfill.

Steve Fishman - Lifetime Achievement

Steve Fishman has been an extremely strong supporter and advocate for the Missouri Waste Control Coalition (MWCC) and the advancement of positive environmental protection through the education of individuals and organizations for over 35 years.  His early career is marked by working closely with industries to help them understand environmental regulations, managing compliance, safety, and training divisions, and training and coaching employees to meet their personal and professional goals.  Steve’s private industry career included management positions with Laidlaw Waste Systems, Superior Hazardous Waste Group, Growth Resources, and CETCO’s Lining Technology Division.  Since 2005 Steve has contributed to the industry as a Waste Management Specialist for the US EPA Region 7 office in Kansas City.  During this tenure he promoted sustainability programs for the private and public sector, partnered with four state agencies to promote recycling, implemented the Federal Electronics Challenge in Region 7 which promotes electronics recycling in the Regional office and other Federal agencies and to state and local governments.

Steve has been a strong supporter of MWCC through his representation of EPA within MWCC.  He was responsible for helping develop and was principle EPA liaison for MWCC’s current very successful series of EPA/MWCC technical seminars which have to date trained over 300 individuals over 3 years.  Outside of the annual Environmental Conference this is the longest running continuous training series sponsored by MWCC.  Steve has also tirelessly supported MWCC programs and was instrumental in bringing a representative from EPA’s Headquarters Office for a special Brownfields presentation to Missouri DNR at the Annual Conference.  Steve’s involvement in not only MWCC, but the Kansas City chapters of Air and Waste Management Association (Chairman), Missouri Solid Waste Advisory Board (member), Missouri Recycling Association (President), Heartland Chapter Certified Hazardous Materials Managers (President), United Way (board member), and Chamber of Commerce Environmental Sub-Committee (member) are a testament to his career-long commitment to advancing environmental excellence throughout Missouri and the Midwest.    

Steve Meyer - Jan Dillow Coalition Contribution

Steve served as President of the Missouri Waste Control Coalition in 2012-2013 and was the Conference Chair in 2011.  He has long been involved with the Coalition and environmental activities.  He brought a unique municipal approach to the MWCC conference and the MWCC.

Steve Meyer was born in Springfield and graduated from Glendale High School in 1969.  Meyer attended SMS (now MSU) for two years before receiving his Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Missouri at Rolla in 1975.  Meyer is a Registered Engineer in Missouri, Illinois and Florida and has held previous positions as Bridge Engineer for Illinois Department of Transportation, Assistant Superintendent of Highways for Logan County Illinois Highway Department, Assistant Chief Engineer for Misener Marine Construction in Tampa Florida and Project Manager for WVP Engineers, Architects and Planners, before returning to Springfield in 1987 and was employed by the Public Works Department for the City of Springfield, Missouri.  At the City of Springfield, Meyer was Associate Civil Engineer for the Engineering Division, Sanitary Engineer for the Sanitary Services Division, Superintendent for the Solid Waste Management Division, Superintendent for the Street Maintenance for the Public Grounds Division, Assistant Director of the Department of Environmental Services, and Co-Interim Director of Public Works.
Meyer is professionally involved with American Society of Civil Engineers, American Public Works Association, Missouri Waste Control Coalition, Institute of Transportation Engineers, National Society of Professional Engineers, Missouri Society of Professional Engineers, Solid Waste Association of North America and Charter Member of the Structural Engineering Institute.
(award accepted on his behalf by Doug Durrington).

Prior Award Recipients


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  • Saint Louis Zoo - Environmental Stewardship
  • WITS a not-for-profit charity reuse and recycling organization - Solid Waste Leadership
  • Jim Hull - Lifetime Achievement
  • Kristin Allan Tipton - Jan Dillow Coalition Contributions

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